Latin American Market

Tropical star’s specialty market is small but packed with many spices, sauces, candies, crackers, teas, coffees, frozen products such as tropical fruit pulps and ice creams, arepas, Colombian chorizos, Argentinean tapas for empanadas as well as other hard to find foods from the Caribbean, Central and South America.

We are proud to offer to our customers the opportunity to recreate recipes that grandma left behind or to make your own special creations at home.

We also offer you a variety of t-shirts, caps, car stickers, cookbooks and cookware for your home.

During the holidays we try our best to provide certain festive foods for example Panetone from Peru and Argentina, as well as Brazilian Ovos de Pascua for Easter and numerous other special foods from Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Cuba.

We invite you to step into our little ‘Bodega’, we guarantee it will either bring back childhood memories or inspire you to cook up a storm!!!